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Ready for systematic, professional investing?

GWAP powerful Builder gets you started with Model Portfolios that replicate asset allocation strategies used by top Morningstar rated funds. Asset allocation is responsible for 90% of a fund’s performance, so you are already off to a great start.

Customize your strategy and see the impact of your investment choices on Backtested historical performance, including during market stresses of 2008/09 and 2020.

Access GWAP Adaptive Asset Allocation Strategies (AAA) which use machine learning optimization algorithms to adjust exposures periodically by increasing weights to relatively cheaper and less volatile asset classes, while decreasing allocations to expensive and more volatile assets.

All GWAP portfolios are updated regularly, so if you follow one of our Models, your strategy will evolve over time.

Implement your strategy seamlessly via our Trading interface with Interactive Brokers (IB). If you do not have an IB account, you can download your model portfolio in Excel for further implementation on a different brokerage platform.

Sign Up for GWAP Pro. The first month is complimentary, with no commitment and no credit card required. The license fee is only $199/ year thereafter.


Swiss wealth management at a fraction of the traditional private banking cost.

Our Strategic Model Portfolios are inspired by top performing asset managers. GWAP Adaptive Asset Allocation (AAA) portfolios use machine learning to adjust dynamically to the ever changing market conditions. See our backtested performance further down.

Choose ready-made portfolios, or create your own with our powerful Builder. We take care of the rest.

Your assets are safe in your dedicated account with Interactive Brokers (IB). GWAP Financial Sarl will receive a power of attorney from you, to invest your assets. However you remain in full control over your deposits and withdrawals.

Monitor your portfolio performance in real time on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop and receive monthly activity statements and annual tax reporting from IB.

You can start investing with as little as $2,000. Our management fee is 0.35% per annum on your average account value. We will waive your first year software license fee of $19/ month, or $199/ year. That is as cost efficient as it gets anywhere in Switzerland.


Learn by Doing! Create and manage realistic Virtual Portfolios.

Start with one of our professional model portfolios inspired by top performing asset managers, or create your own using the powerful Builder. You can create multiple portfolios, of different risk levels, so you can see what works best for you.

Monitor your performance in live, realistic market conditions.

GWAP Learn is absolutely Free, with no obligation and no commitment.

You can always upgrade to GWAP Pro, or GWAP Advisory, when you are ready to invest.

We design
High ROI Portfolios

Machine Learning Adaptive

Machine Learning Adaptive

Follow Smart Money

Follow Smart Money

We are

Meet the founders

Cris brings 20 years of banking and finance experience, most recently advising institutional size clients at Citi Private Bank in Switzerland. He was inspired to create GWAP with high wealth management standards and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use by non-professionals.

Pursuing her passion for mathematics, Cristina earned a Master Degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Lausanne. She worked for more than ten years with large multi-nationals in Switzerland as an Actuarial Consultant.

Florin is passionate about software development, internet privacy and efficient software architectures. He brings an extensive experience as an entrepreneur in Finland, as well as in the corporate world, having spent 9 years with Nokia.


Paper Portfolios

  • Try your investing acumen in a realistic environment.
  • Simulate cash deposits and withdrawals.
  • Invest virtually following your customized strategy.
  • Rebalance your portfolio to keep the course.
  • Monitor your performance, including deep risk - return analytics.

Multi Asset Class

Learn about major asset classes and subclasses.
How they performed during good times and bad.
Discover return vs risk trade-offs.

ETFs and Single Stocks

Lowest fees, highest liquidity in their categories. Full replication ETFs means you effectively own the underlying securities (stocks, bonds). No "sythetic" ETFs created with derivatives. No "exotic" ETFs: leveraged, short, futures based.

Model Strategies

Highly diversified starter portfolios tailored to different levels of Risk. Customize your asset allocation in the Builder. Hard limits on riskier securities, to protect the downside. Backtest risk/ reward performance of your strategy going back to Jan 2008.

Fee Comparison

It is important to choose an investment platform with fees and an account minimum that makes sense for your investment contributions and goals.

Here is how we compare to other Swiss platforms:

Total Annualised Fee0.35%0.65%1.40%1.00%2.45%
sum of
Advisory Fee0.35%0.50%0.50%0.85%n.a.
Account / Custodyincl.incl.0.75%incl.0.12%
Trading Cost (*)incl.incl.incl.incl.2%
Swiss Stamp Duty & VAT (*)incl.0.15%0.15%0.15%0.32%

(*) Actual trading cost, stamp duties and VAT charges may vary depending on the volume and value of transactions, account size, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GWAP?
Swiss Investment Adviser, not a Bank.

We are a Geneva based, regulated investment adviser whose Founder and CIO has been advising, or managing multi-billion dollar family offices for more than a decade.

Think of us as your personal investment adviser, except that having to meet us face to face, we provide all you need to know about your investments via technology.

We are not a bank and do not “touch” your money, which is kept in custody with a third party heavily regulated broker.

2. Why should I trust GWAP advice?
We give you the models, tools and information to Trust your own investment decisions.

Of course, as Advisers we show you our best thinking in terms of model portfolios tailored to your account risk profile. In addition, we show you investment strategies used by some of the best performing funds and financial institutions.

You get to see exactly what each portfolio holds, before you invest, and more importantly to Backtest how it performed over the past years including during the 2008/ 09 crisis.

Furthermore, you are free to test your own ideas to increase return, or reduce risk, depending on your investment objectives.

Our objective is for our Clients to make educated, informed investment decisions, that we can then execute in the most cost efficient manner possible.

3. How safe is my money?
Your assets are in safe keeping with Interactive Brokers, one of the largest US and global electronic trading houses.

Your money and securities are in the custody of Interactive Brokers (IB), one of the largest electronic trading houses in the US and globally. They are publicly listed on New York Stock Exchange and are heavily regulated by SEC, FINRA, FCA, and other regulators around the world.

IB account access is protected via multifactor authentication, but even if someone else gained access to your account, they would not be able to transfer funds out elsewhere.

Unlike some of the largest global financial institutions they have not suffered losses during the 2008/ 09 and did not require any government bailouts.

IB protects client assets via a multi layered approach, including but not limited to USD 500,000.

4. Can you guarantee I will not lose money?
No. Nobody can. We give you the tools and information to quantify and manage your risk.

Investment always involves a certain degree of risk.

You can manage your risk by selecting an overall lower risk level for your portfolio, then within that going for lower risk investments (i.e. with lower volatility).

Last, but not least, you increase your chances for a positive return by investing over a longer term and by investing over time (i.e. investing regularly through “thick and thin”).

Ultimately, even holding everything in cash can be, in fact extremely risky. Cash can lose purchasing power due to inflation or can devalue deeply compared to other currencies. In addition, deposits are also subject to the bank risk, or the risk of the deposit guarantee mechanism.

5. Can I move my money out of the IB account?
Yes, anytime. Daily liquidity.

You are free to liquidate your account and transfer money in and out on a daily basis, subject to exchange opening hours, interbank transfer delays, etc.

For most clients it could take between a few hours to maximum 5 working days between a withdrawal order and the funds actually arriving in their external account.

Also, it is important to remember that IB will only wire out to an account in your name.

6. How much do I pay in Fees?
0.35% per annum

We charge a flat fee as a percentage of the net value of your assets. This includes: platform cost, investment research, trading fees (subject to Fair Use), custody fees, fund transfers in/ our (subject to our Fair Use).

Fair Use means:

  • With respect to wire transfers: unlimited incoming wire transfers and 1 transfer out per month
  • With respect to trading: up to 20 buy/ sell transactions per month

7. Can I talk to a Human Advisor?
Yes. But at an additional cost.

We can only offer such as low fee structure because we leverage technology to handle thousands of accounts for every human banker.

However, a banker can only handle no more than 15 to 20 calls during a day.

That is why calls are expensive.

Currently we charge USD 300/ hour.

8. Why is my account denominated in USD?
US listed investments offer some of the lowest fees and highest liquidity in the world.

Our investment universe includes mostly US listed Exchange Traded Funds that are among the:

  • Lowest cost
  • Highest liquidity
  • Lowest tracking error
  • Highest return
  • Highest quality
in their global categories.

While there are long term concerns about the strength of the US dollar, it remains nevertheless, the main reserve currency of the world.

GWAP measures investment performance in USD. However the overall result may be lower, or higher as expressed in other currencies, depending on the change of those currencies’ value versus the USD.

9. Do I have to report taxes in the US?
No. If you are not already a US tax filer.

During the registration process for GWAP Invest, we ask you to complete a form called W8-BEN. This is a US tax document that determines how much taxes will the US government withhold from your dividend and interest income on your account. These withholding taxes depend mainly on your tax residency (e.g. 15% on dividend income) and are deducted automatically by the broker. There is no withholding tax on capital gains.

So, other than filling out the W8-BEN, you don’t need to do anything for US tax purposes. The US withholding tax may have a relatively low impact on the overall investment performance. For example, a portfolio with a gross dividend yield of 2% may end up paying a withholding tax of 0.3% (2% x 15% tax) to the US.

10. How do I report the account to tax authorities?
All the information need is provided on your Annual Statement.

If you are a Swiss tax reporting person, the reporting is very straight forward. You can add Interactive Brokers on your tax return as a regular custody account, together with its end of the year balance, overall income received and withholding taxes paid. In Switzerland there is no tax on capital gains. You may need to convert the amounts from USD to CHF at the rate provided in the fiscal guide.

Generally, tax authorities look at:

  • Dividend income
  • Interest income and expenses
  • Realized capital gains and losses
  • Net Asset Value

IB annual statements provide all the detailed information with respect to the above.

Please check with your tax advisor how best to fill your tax return.

Welcome to GWAP

1. Download GWAP
2. In your downloads folder, double-click GWAP.dmg
3. Drag and drop the GWAP icon into your Applications folder
4. Double-click on GWAP in your Applications to launch the app and sign in
5. Access Tutorials here

You can always access Tutorials from the app by pressing F1.

You are now ready to use the power of GWAP to:

  • Create Paper portfolios
  • Access Model Portfolios inspired by asset allocation strategies used by institutional investors
  • Customize Models, create new ones from scratch and Backtest your ideas
  • Generate Orders

We are currently supporting fully app functionality on PC and Mac.
You can also download GWAP mobile app for iOS and Android.
For other platforms you can use our webapp at: